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Tom Campbell is a Scottish artist and performer. However he is now based largely in Cork City, Ireland. Recently he has spent some time working in Barcelona. having traveled widely in western Europe he still has aspirations to see the world. He won't stop creating art, music performances and

“if there was an art movement i would relate to it would possibly be expressionism and Dada. i work in a fairly free and spontaneous manner and believe that art is not a luxury item but a necessity for society that as humans we cannot be and have never been with out , the importance is the creative act (in the larger sense of the word) and this is not and never will be confined to the artist , art is for all.

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" I recently returned form a trip from Barcelona , which is an exiting but quite tough city , having hoped to make a living with street art i was very disappointed to find that the police do not tolerate and are prone to confiscate(steal in my eyes) buskers equipment , so creatively Barcelona is not easy.Despite this i was happy to be there,among other things i worked on a performance called the ball head show, which involves three performers putting papeir mache large balls on there heads.Now back in Cork ive become a member of the Cork Circus Factory a very exiting new space in cork , where i hope to improve on his clowning and cIrcus abilities> i Brought a Banjalayleee , which is fantastic.This summer i will be slightly nomadic hopefully visiting Edinburgh Festival.Have a great Summer"